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Year-round activities in Pyhätunturi, Lapland, Finland.


Day Safaris

Enjoy the scenery of Pyhä Fell. We take a break at a wilderness hut and enjoy a snack. Duration: about 2h. More info: Snowmobile safari to Reindeer Park Kopara. At the farm we will have a coffee and we get to feed the reindeer. Duration is about 3 hours. More info: Full day snowmobile adventure…
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About Pyhä Safaris

We are premium adventure, snowmobile rental and safari provider with long history in the tourism- and snowmobile business going back as far as to 1970s. Our staff is well trained and certified to serve you and your company. it is absolutely our privilege to make your trip unforgettable. we don’t just do our job, we…
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Pyhätunturin hiihtokeskus sijaitsee Pelkosenniemen kunnassa, ainutlaatuisen Pyhä-Luoston kansallispuiston vieressä. Pyhä tunnetaan erinomaisista ja monipuolisista rinteistään sekä kodikkaasta tunturifiiliksestä. 9 hissiä, 14 rinnettä Korkeusero 280 m, huippu 500 m Pisin rinne 1800 m Hissikapasiteetti 10.400 hiihtäjää tunnissa Sama hissilippu käy myös Rukalla Lisätietoja: Pyhätunturin sijainti Pelkosenniemen ja Kemijärven kuntien rajalla takaa hyvät kulkuyhteydet niin…
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About Renting

SNOWMOBILE RENTAL – HIRE SNOWMOBILE SAFARIS PYHA Let’s Go to Lapland- the wilderness is waiting …for you, your family and friends, offer them an experience of the lifetime, a snowmobile ride to the unique scenery of Pyhä. Experience the exoticism of Lappish nature during the snowmobile safari or choose your own paths using the rental…
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Ice Karting

Ice Karting at Pyhä is a totally new experience that is fun and exciting. It is an activity that is easy to learn and get going, but difficult to master. Ice Karting allows everyone 15 years or older to dride and compete with similar karts. The Ice Karting race gives you something to talk about…
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Northern Lights

Article photo by Aleksi Mehtonen Northern Lights, Aurora (astronomy) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Auroras (North/South Polar Lights; or aurorae, sing.: aurora) are natural colored light displays, which are usually observed in the night sky, particularly in the polar zone. The aurorae typically occur in the Ionosphere. Some scientists call them “polar auroras” (or “aurorae…
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Rental Conditions

Conditions 1. The snowmobile must not be used in any competition or any unlawful activity. The driver agrees to drive only on official snowmobile tracks and obey snowmobiling rules and regulations. The speed limit is 60 Kph on the tracks and 80 Kph on the ice. 2. Driving a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol…
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Snowmobile Rental – Pyha

Please translate in en_us: Moottorikelkan Vuokraus – Pyhä

Children’s Snowmobile Track

Children’s Snowmobile Track::: We also have a snowmobile track for the children, in where they get to drive real mini ski-doos. The track is located just next to our safari office, near Pyhä business center. Price: 10€ / 5min